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The Symposium will take place at the UNITIC Center, Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1.

About Sarajevo

Sarajevo is capital city of (the state of) Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is its administrative, economic, cultural, educational (university) and sport center. The city of Sarajevo is unit of local self-governance, which consists of four city municipalities: Old City, Center, New City and New Sarajevo.

Geographical position

Sarajevo is situated in the area of Sarajevo plain, which is surrounded by mountains Bjelašnica and Igman from the Southwest, by Trebević from the Southeast, middle-range mountains and inter-valley headlands (capes) on the North and Northwest.

Average height above sea level of Sarajevo plain is 500m. The most distant (farthest) western point of the plain is at 180 16' eastern geographic longitude. The most distant (farthest) eastern point is at 180 27' eastern geographical longitude, the most distant northern point is at 430 53' northern geographic latitude while the most distant southern point is at 430 47' southern geographical latitude.

Time zone

CET – Central European Time (Europe)
GMT +01:00


- medium continental
- average summer temperature 19,1 C
- average winter temperature – 1,3 C
- average annual temperature 9,5 C


The city of Sarajevo in (the area of) four municipalities (Old City, Center, New City and New Sarajevo) has 297,416 residents.

Area: 141,5 km2

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