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Second International symposium "Digitization of Cultural Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina" is organized with goal to systemize knowledge and approaches in the area of protection and usage of culture-historical heritage, museum, archive, library, publishing, theatrical, musical, visual, movie and public performance activities, generally everything that contributes to preservation of identity of particular territorial area and other disciplines that frame those contents for Internet and multimedia applications. Today, it is the only way to both fully promote those values to others and make them available to researchers of various profiles. It has special importance for small countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina is.

Current technical and technological achievements create a need to raise the question of digitization of cultural heritage as an issue that should be as soon as possible systematically analyzed and solved. Organizers of symposium Digitization of Cultural Heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina, aware of hurdles that are part of first steps in any activity, believe that with support and cooperation of all invited, expected results will be not only achieved, but exceeded.

You can download First Symposium conclusions here.


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